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Tummy Time Basics for Babies

Tummy Time Basics for Babies

What is Tummy Time?

  • A time baby spends awake on their stomach
  • Is important for babies' development
  • Should never be done while baby is asleep

When should baby start Tummy Time?

  • As soon as baby comes home from the hospital

How often should baby do Tummy Time?

  • Have baby do it several times a day
  • Begin with small 2-5 mins. increments

How long should baby do Tummy Time?

  • Work up to a full hour a day by 3 months
  • Baby needs daily Tummy Time until they crawl

Why is Tummy Time important?

  • It promotes visual, motor, and sensory development
  • It strengthens neck, back, and head
  • It also prevents positional conditions


Five Essential Tummy Time Props:

Try these different props for make your babies' Tummy Time more enjoyable!


1. Nursing Pillow

Tummy time can be hard work for little babies. Give them a helping hand by placing a C-shaped nursing pillow under their chest and armpits.

This takes the strain off using their core muscles to hold themselves upright. They can focus first on lifting their heads to get a new view of the world.



2. Baby Padded Play Mat

This is the perfect mat which you can lay flat, because it comes with soft and comfortable plush pad. This is a nice pick for delicate newborns and babies who don’t like to be propped up too high.



3. Baby Gym Piano Play Mat

This tummy time mat delivers entertainment from just about every angle. Baby can look up at and reach for one of the colorful toy rattle and mirror while kicking back at a piano toy that lights up and sings when it’s touched. When baby gets older, you can lift the piano up so the baby can play with it in a sitting position.



4. Baby Rattle with Silicone Teether

It’s a toy that can do both — provide a chiming noise and give baby something to bite with. You can also easily hang it from any activity mat or stroller. This baby rattle is bright and playful enough to keep baby entertained, no matter where you are.



5. Tummy Time Soft Books

Books are great for reading but not always the best for a baby who just wants to explore with his hands (and chew just about everything in sight). This soft book is versatile and a great add-on to any kind of playtime. Baby will love playing with these colorful 3D pages.




Source: https://pathways.org/topics-of-development/tummy-time/

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