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The Ultimate Pregnancy Must-Haves

The Ultimate Pregnancy Must-Haves

Congratulations, mama! Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy. So much is going to happen over the next nine months. Here’s what you need to have!



This one is a no brainer, so of course it has to go on the list. I invested in three pairs of maternity leggings and I wore them ALL THE TIME. Try to find leggings that is comfortable in your waist and growing belly so you can wear them all year round.

Maternity Leggings Low Waist Belly Pants
Maternity Leggings with Adjustable Waist Band



It is very common to get backache or back pain during pregnancy, especially in the early stages. During pregnancy, the ligaments in your body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare you for labor. To relieve back pain, a regular exercise can strengthen muscles and boosts flexibility. But you might want to buy yourself some Pregnancy Belly Band so you reduce the discomfort of physical activity and support your lower back and growing baby bump.

Pregnancy Support Belt

Pregnancy Support Belt




Everything on your body is likely to grow with pregnancy. My biggest suggestion when buying maternity underwear is to invest in great staples that you can use through out your pregnancy, until your postpartum, and possibly until your next pregnancy. Invest to more comfortable and underwear. For bras, went ahead and get nursing bras so you could keep wearing them once you start breastfeeding.

4PCS Cotton Low Waist Pregnancy Underwear



Cotton Nursing Breastfeeding Bra

Cotton Nursing Bra




You definitely don’t need this right away, but it’s my favorite pregnancy product of all time! My pregnancy pillow saved me once I could no longer sleep on my stomach. It helped with hip pain, back pain, and supported my massive belly. I’ve already warned my husband that it will be coming back in our room the minute I find out I’m pregnant next time around.

Pregnant Women U Shape Pillow
U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow


I hope this list of pregnancy must haves gets you ready for the months that lie ahead. Best of luck, Mama!





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