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Best Toys for Babies of age 6 to 9 Month-Olds

Best Toys for Babies of age 6 to 9 Month-Olds

Although all ages and phases of a baby’s development are amazing, six to nine months old just might be one of the best.

Gone are the marathon feeding sessions and the seemingly endless stream of dirty diapers of those first few months. The fog of those early newborn days has lifted, and in its place is an alert and curious little babe who loves to smile, babble and, most of all, play!
Playing with your child is important at any age, but especially as your baby transitions from a tiny newborn to a slightly older baby. Babies around this age love nothing more than interacting with the world around them—it’s how they learn, reach milestones and develop their senses. Playing with them is not only fun but good for building physical and cognitive skills as well as social and emotional intelligence.


Baby’s Development Milestones from 6 to 9 Months

There are so many developmental leaps to look forward to between six and nine months. Here are some of the milestones to keep an eye out for, according to the CDC, and how to incorporate play along the way. (And remember that all babies develop at their own individual pace, so this is only a broad guideline. If you ever have any questions about your child’s development, don’t hesitate to ask your pediatrician.)


Language and Communication Milestones:

  • Responding to sounds by making sounds
  • Stringing vowels together while babbling
  • Making sounds to show joy and displeasure
  • Responding to their name

Try this: Talk and sing with your baby throughout the day. Encourage communication by pointing at objects, talking about them, and using books with common first words and household objects. Use musical toys to sing together, and practice reciprocal play by encouraging your little one to “sing back” to you.

3D Soft Cloth Baby Books
3D Soft Cloth Baby Books




Elephant Toy With Funny Swing Ear

Musical Elephant Toy With Swinging Ear



Cognitive Milestones:

  • Showing curiosity about the world
  • Trying to grab things that are out of reach
  • Passing things from one hand to another
  • Chewing on just about anything

Try this: Let your baby play with—and then drop or knock over—softballs, toys, and stacking cups, then pick them up and give them back; it’s a great way to start teaching the concept of cause and effect. And when they start chewing, give your little one a teether.

Baby Children Kids Educational Toy
Baby Children Kids Educational Toy


Baby Hand Rattles With Silicone Teether
Baby Hand Rattle With Silicone Teether


Movement and Physical Development Milestones:

  • Rolling in both directions
  • Supporting their weight when standing
  • Sitting without support
  • Rocking back and forth in preparation for crawling

Try this: Use an activity gym to encourage your baby to move, explore and practice reaching for objects and sitting up. You can also position a softball just out of reach to encourage your little one to move toward it. You can even start rolling it back and forth to each other.


Social and Emotional Milestones:

  • Recognizing familiar faces (and unfamiliar ones!)
  • Enjoying playing with others
  • Responding to other people’s emotions

Try this: Use a baby-safe mirror to show your little one their own face. Smile, make funny faces and be silly, and show them how it reflects! There are even simple board books that focus on faces and emotions, and they can help your baby recognize different facial expressions.

Baby Piano Music Mat (Mushroom Pattern)


Baby Piano Music Mat (Mushroom Pattern)
Baby Piano Musical Playmat
It has a baby-safe mirror, colorful pendants, musical and lighting piano keys, and soft cotton pad. Good for baby's Social and Physical Development



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