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Baby Travel Tips | Infant to 1 Year Old

Baby Travel Tips | Infant to 1 Year Old
Traveling with a baby (or two!) can present its own unique set of obstacles, especially when it’s your first time. On top of that, everyone has an opinion about the right and wrong way to travel with your family.
Babies need things, and you’ll need to carry those things. Babies need to eat, and you’ll need to have food. Babies need to sleep, and you’ll need to ensure a safe place for that. You’ll need to adjust your pace — trying to cram as much into your days as possible will make you all cranky and tired. You’ll need to adjust your expectations — your life has changed, and if you think the way you travel won’t, you’ll likely be disappointed.
Here are a few key tips to get you started:
1. Breastfeed. The best food for baby is also the easiest to “prepare” when you’re on the road. Breastfeeding not only eliminates lugging bottles, nipples, sterilizing, equipment, formula, etc. but also baby will be getting valuable antibodies that will protect against illness when you’re away from home.

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2. Bring a sling. Or a baby carrier. Slings can help you carry the baby, but they can also substitute as a blanket, changing pad, or nursing cover. If slings aren’t your thing, many lightweight cloth baby carriers offer excellent support, keep your hands free, and don’t take up too much room when stored.

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3. Bring a stroller. When you’re traveling, a stroller is not just a stroller, it is a highchair, a bed, and an all-around stuff-lugger. The type of travel you prefer will dictate whether a lightweight or an all-terrain stroller would be more appropriate but don’t cheap out here. Good strollers are easy to push, and most are easy to fold up when needed. In warmer climes, slings and carriers can become uncomfortable, so a stroller can offer some shade as well.

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4. Pack or buy wipes. Lots of them. Diaper wipes are a traveling parent’s best friend. Not only do they serve their intended purpose, they mop up spit-up, sticky hands, and faces; serve as toilet paper (don’t flush!), and can clean any number of gross surfaces that you or baby may need to touch. Diaper wipes and hand sanitizer (for you) can make sometimes-icky public bathroom scenarios a little more bearable.

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5. Don’t overschedule. If you try to cram too much into your days and into your trip, you’ll all end up feeling exhausted and frazzled. Use your destination’s local parenting websites to find parks and other baby-friendly outings that will be easy and comfortable for everyone.

When travelling with baby, remember to ALWAYS prioritize their safety and health more than anything else. That climbable monument/jungle trek/coral reef has been there for a long time already and will still be there when your child is old enough to enjoy it with you.

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